Jae D Martinez

My first set of “spiritual parents” in Raleigh NC…taught me a great Word and continue to feed Gods people the Truth!

Quentin Winstead

The church is amazing! Bishop Summerfield always delivers a great word!

Denesha Foust-Moore

Bishop Summerfield is an awesome man! Great teacher. My husband and I really enjoy attending Word of God church.

LaTonia Shields Stubbs

We have been here since 2009 and the Holy Spirit is really strong here at Word of God. Thank you Bishop Summerfield and family…

Walt Williams

Love Word of God! This church has truly changed my mindset about life and the Word of God! Bishop tells the truth and the truth is the Word of God! Truly love this church!

Daphne Washington Davis

I had a awesome experience at WOG, I love their school too.

Erick von Schulz

I have not missed a service in years. Bishop Summerfield is the best.