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Word of God Fellowship Church & Christian Academy located in in the heart Of Raleigh North Carolina.

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3000 Rock Quarry Road Raleigh, NC 27610

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PO Box 46891

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(919) 834-1141

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[email protected]

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Our mission and desire is to impact and enable as many people as possible of all ethnic origins to produce the Life of Jesus Christ to the fullest extent spiritually, physically and intellectually. We are committed and dedicated to empowering every responsible person with the vital principles of God’s word. Our desire is that they become as productive as possible spiritually, intellectually and financially.

We are committed and dedicated to empowering marriages and families, including single parent families. We feel that it is important to experience God’s wholesome biblical plan and purpose for loving, prosperous, productive and fulfilling family life as ordained by God.

It is our objective to empower and develop in single people the God-given ability to live a productive, holy, prosperous Christlike life and to enable them to be excellent future husbands, wives, parents and solid citizens that fulfill God’s total plan and purpose for their lives.

Our vision is to develop people to become effective at winning other people to the kingdom life. We desire everyone to be actively able to do what Acts1:8 and Luke l4:15-24 instructs us to do.

We are dedicated to training every believer to be a confident and competent soul winner that wins souls to the Kingdom of God.

We teach the revelation in God’s Word in order to bring forth its relevance in your life. It is our foremost desire to share the truth of God’s promises contained in His Word which will enhance your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, whether adult or youth; single, married, or in transition.

Word of God Fellowship is nondenominational, multi-racial, and multi-cultural because we believe that the Word and power of God does not limit His blessings to defined boundaries. Therefore, our purpose in achieving our mission is to share the positive, life-changing message of the Gospel locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We are very thankful for your interest in our church family and are sincerely interested in your development, both spiritually and naturally. We position ourselves as partners with God’s Covenant will and it is our desire to connect with you as covenant partners as well. Our prayers are that God continue to use us to be a blessing to you and in the advancing of His kingdom. We look forward to working with you and enhancing your walk with God.